Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday and Monday

9/21/09 – I contacted Mayor Hickenlooper’s office to request a meeting with him to discuss the funding cut and they have agreed to set it up. This makes sense because the Mayor founded Denver’s Road Home (the ten year plan to end homelessness) and is a board member of DRCOG.

I also requested a meeting with the Chair of the Board of DRCOG, Ed Peterson, and asked him to consider the following three questions:

1) Are Older Americans Act funds for those seniors with the greatest needs? (It's clear that they are.)

2) Is there any group of seniors in the Denver Metro area who have greater needs than those served by Senior Support? (It's clear there is not.)

3) How is DRCOG serving those seniors with the greatest needs? (It is not. Instead, it is serving seniors who are housed, among other things.)

Senior Support Services should be the first organization funded by DRCOG, not the last.

Yesterday, I was sick, exhausted, had a bad headache for most of the day, and the chills. I slept a lot during the day, which is common for our clients. Today I’m feeling better and getting some energy back.

I didn’t set up my tent last night as I didn’t feel I would need it when I arrived at the campsite around 11pm. Even though I was alone, I wasn't too nervous because this site offers a lot of cover. It was a lot warmer than I thought it would be, the rain didn’t start until early in the morning and it was only a drizzle. But I think tonight might be a different story.


  1. Ted, I am so proud of you. I'm happy to get the word out to the media or otherwise help in any way I can. Email me at and we can meet up (I'll get the coffee...).

  2. Ted, You probably don't remember me, I was the blond summer volunteer/intern during of 2004. Anyways, got this email and just wanted to let you know that I think that you are amazing and I am going to let my family and friends in denver know in hopes that they will contact Ed Peterson and/or the post.--Kathryn Jantz