Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 5 of Homelessness

Pictured at left is my camping gear drying out in my office after last night.

Last night, I arrived at the camp area around 10:30pm but couldn’t find my exact campsite from the night before. There are a lot of very thick bushes and a number of tight entrances, all of which look similar. Once you get down into it, it’s very hard to move laterally because of the terrain and the trees and bushes. Of course, one of the reasons it’s such a good site is because of the thick cover. After leaving and entering the area a number of times in search of my desired spot, and trying to avoid all the cars driving by, I finally decided to stay in a new campsite. This darting in and out of the bushes was amazingly stressful. I’m sure I was overly paranoid that I’d be seen but just wanted to avoid hassles at all costs.

Today, we continued to notify our supporters about the homeless protest, and my health is improving.

Tonight should be interesting as the forecast is for possible flurries and a low of 41 degrees. I’ll return to the same spot as last night, as it was a pretty good one, set up my tent and hunker down for the night.

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