Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 12 of Homelessness

At right, me and my tent this morning.

Last night, leaves would periodically hit my tent with a foreboding plunk causing sleeplessness. Soon enough, they will all have fallen, my protective canopy gone, and the scarlet H emblazoned on my tent revealed for all to see.

I didn’t hear and missed my homeless neighbor who sings cheerful opera each morning. Reminds me of Joey Tribbiani’s neighbor.

My homeless protest is not about the recession. It is not about funding cuts. It is about one funding cut. A funding cut that was unnecessary, arbitrary and capricious. A funding cut that violates the Older Americans Act, which requires that funding go to those seniors with the greatest needs. A 100% funding cut that was a gross overreaction to the 13% funding cut experienced by DRCOG.

As DRCOG would not do a site visit at Senior Support Services, we are bringing the site visit to them. At 3pm on Wednesday, September 30, our protest out front of DRCOG (1290 Broadway) begins. Everyone is welcome for all or just part of the protest. Bologna sandwiches and coffee will be served. Bring your sign, sleeping bag, tent, tarp, etc if you would like to stay the night with us. Those spending the night will sleep together somewhere near DRCOG.

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